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Organic & Fair Trade Tea from Persimmon Tree Tea

Persimmon Tree Tea Tins

Yesterday, I stopped at the Post Office to check to see if any new teas had arrived, and I was pleased to see a package from Persimmon Tree Tea. This is the first tea vendor I’ve run across that provides only organic and fair trade teas. I think that’s pretty cool!

Anyway, back to my new package…

Upon opening the box, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the tea blends all came in beautiful little mini-tins, which were all nestled in brown gift shred.

Usually, I am pretty laid-back about trying new tea. I’ll put-off any temptation by telling myself to wait for the “right time.” Translation: When I feel like it.

But, for some reason I just couldn’t wait to tear into each sample of tea and give them each a whiff. It must have been the packaging that got me all excited!

After taking in the indulgent fragrance of each tea, I got pretty eager to try each one then and there. Within a span of a couple hours I had tasted each of the four teas I had received.

Here are my initial thoughts.

Chocolate Banana (rooibos blend): Wow! It tastes like real banana. I really enjoyed my first cup of this blend.

Coconut Cacao (pu-er blend): Interesting, reminds me of licorice for some reason and usually I don’t like that particular flavor, but in this tea it was quite subtle and appealing.

Vanilla Chai (rooibos blend): Not too excited about this one, but a decent chai. I would have liked it better if there had been a slight creamy taste to underscore the spice, but that is a personal preference.

Earl Grey Crème (black tea blend): Yum! This is one of the best Earl Grey teas I’ve tasted. Of course, I’ve only tried three others my entire life and they were all of the bagged variety. Yet, I couldn’t get this tea out of my mind all day today! Therefore, numerous cups of this blend where drunken throughout the day.

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Photo Credit: A Girl With Tea

This is “a girl with tea” signing off once again.

Remember to live, laugh, love and drink plenty of tea.

What is your favorite tea packaging?