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Green Tea Review: Honest Tea Jasmine Green Energy

Honest Jasmine Green Energy

Company/Brand Name: Honest Tea

Name: Jasmine Green Energy

Category: Green and White Tea Blend, USDA Organic

Form: Bottled in a glass container

Origin of the Leaf: Unknown

The Leaves: Not Applicable

Additions: Agave syrup, which adds 17 calories per serving, or 34 calories per 16 oz. bottle

Flavor: Sweet and flowery at first, then slightly grassy with a bitter aftertaste

Overall: A strongly flavored bottled tea that will surprise those who are used to a mellower tea concoction and amuse those who enjoy a little bite to their tea.

Tea Review:

I’ve had this bottle of Honest Tea hanging out in the fridge for a while; I was waiting for the right time to give it a try. Today, I wasn’t able to get to my tea kettle because the kitchen was going through a little remodeling, so it seemed like a good day to sample this particular brew.

I found this bottled tea to be quite tart tasting. Yet, I wasn’t turned off by the bitterness at all because the combination of flavors was quite interesting.

When I first take a sip, the flavor is sweet. Then the jasmine expresses itself alongside a hint of grassiness. Finally, as the brew makes its way to the back of my throat, the taste becomes bitter.  Yet, the sweetness still lingers, so a bitter-sweet flavor is my final impression.

Preparation Tips:

Twist the top off and drink!

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Honest Tea

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Photo Credit: A Girl With Tea

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Remember to live, laugh, love and drink plenty of tea.

Green Tea Review: English Tea Store Jasmine with Flowers

Jasmine With Flowers

Company/Brand Name: English Tea Store

Name: Jasmine with Flowers

Category: Green Tea

Form: Loose Leaf

Origin of the Leaf: Fujian Province, China

The Leaves: The cut, dark green leaves are splashed with pieces of dried yellow petals. The aroma of the leaves is simply intoxicating; a bouquet of sweet and fragrant jasmine flowers.

Additions: Jasmine Petals

Flavor: A sweet and flowery tasting tea

Overall: The Jasmine with Flowers is a delightful green tea that captivates the senses and brings beauty to everyday life.

Tea Review:

The flavor of the Jasmine with Flowers is representative of the exotic scent the dried leaves and petals revealed when I first opened the tea package.

A sweet-flowery taste stands-out, yet it is delicate enough to allow the green tea to reveal its refreshing essence.

Interestingly, as the liquor travels down my throat a sense of creaminess occurs leaving me feeling as if I’ve just sipped something quite remarkable.

This green tea takes me away to some exotic Asian flower garden where blossoms fill the air with a delightful perfume. The enchanting sweetness begs me to linger and enjoy the moment.

Overall, I found the jasmine in this tea both calming and uplifting; a perfect combination for meditation or simply taking a few moments in the day to relax.


I had ordered the Chinese Teas sampler pack and my 1-ounce samples were shipped in plain, black bags that appeared to be thick-plastic.

On the label was just the name of the tea, no steeping instructions were included. I had to go to the website for brewing tips. On the plus side, the bags are re-sealable.

As a side note: In the sampler pack I had received, the Jasmine Dragon Tears Lychee, Congou China Black and Shanghai Lychee Jasmine where all missing. Instead, I was shipped three packages of the Lapsang Souchong and a duplicate of the Jasmine with Flowers. In all fairness, the sampler pack webpage does indicate that: “substitutions may be made according to availability.”

Preparation Tips:

For the best flavor, the English Tea Store website recommends that the Jasmine with Flowers green tea be steeped for 1 to 4 minutes in steaming water (150-180F). I found these instructions useful, although, I did use filtered water becasue the taste of this delicate tea can be bungled by chlorinated water.

Since there were no instructions regarding the amount of tea or water to use, I went with the general guideline of one teaspoon of tea per cup of water.

I tried a stainless steel, mesh ball infuser and T-Sac paper tea filter; I found that they both worked quite fine for keeping the leaves separate from the drinkable brew. However, I much preferred using my little mini-teapot to allow the leaves plenty of room to unfurl.

Additional Notes:

Iced Tea – The Jasmine with Flowers makes a delicious and energizing iced-tea drink that is sure to please.

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If you’d like to purchase this tea straight away, just click the link below, it will take you directly to the English Tea Store web page. Enjoy!

English Tea Store

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Photo Credit: A Girl With Tea

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Remember to live, laugh, love and drink plenty of tea.