Darjeeling Tea

Black Tea Review: English Tea Store Darjeeling Mim

ETS Dargeeling Mim

Company/Brand Name: English Tea Store

Tea Name: Darjeeling Mim (second flush)

Tea Category: Black Tea

Form: Loose Leaf

Origin of Tea Leaf:  Northern India

The Leaves: The coloring of the leaves remind me of camouflage clothing because of the variety of natural colors. Juxtaposed to this rugged-outdoorsy look the leaves smell sweet, somewhat floral and fruity.

Additions: None 

Flavor: A unique tasting black tea that has notes of sweet fruit and flower petals, with just a touch of dry-bitterness 

Overall: 3.8/5

This was my very first experience with sampling a Darjeeling tea. I’ll be honest; I was expecting something quite extraordinary because I had read that Darjeeling is considered the champagne of teas.

Even though my socks weren’t knocked off during that first cup, it was still a pleasant and interesting experience that I wouldn’t mind repeating.


I had ordered the Estate Teas sampler pack and one of the samples was the Darjeeling Mim.

Each one-ounce sample was shipped in a plain, black bag that appeared to be thick-plastic. All the bags had a white label with the name of the tea. However, no brewing tips where included, so I had to go the English Tea Store’s website for more information.

The tea pouches are re-sealable.

As a side note: When I received my Estate Teas sampler pack order, I discovered that two of the advertised teas were missing, both the Lover’s Leap and Margaret’s Hope. To compensate for the difference, I did receive duplicates of the Formosa Oolong and Nonsuch samples.

In all fairness, the sampler webpage does state that substitutions may occur, due to availability. Here again, I can’t complain because of the great value I received; about 8 ounces of tea for 8 bucks.

Tea Review:

The aroma of the brew is slightly sweet and flowery, similar to the fragrance of the dried leaves.

I found the taste to be rather distinctive, especially when compared to other black teas I’ve tried. The taste is a tad sweet and fruity, with just a hint of a fragrant flower like jasmine.

To counterbalance the almost perfume life quality is a touch of dry-bitterness. The tartness rounds out the cup nicely and keeps the tea from becoming too in love with itself.

The overall body is lighter than most black teas, more refined even. Nonetheless, a taste experience not to be missed.

Compared to other black teas, which can be strong and robust like prize-fighters, the Darjeeling Mim is delicate and sweet-tempered. For some reason the image of a girl dancing to classical music in a vineyard comes to mind when sipping this tea.

Preparation Tips:

The English Tea Store recommends that this tea be steeped for 2 to 5 minutes in water that has been brought to a rolling boil.

However, based on the reading I had done about Darjeeling tea, I decided to try a lower water temperature, just to see if it would make a difference.

I found that when using water at the boiling point (212F), the brew became slightly more bitter and the leaves smelled as if they were scalded. So, I stuck with using water just under the boiling point, between 190 and 200F.

No instructions where given on the English Tea Store’s website about how much tea or water to use  so, I went with the general recommendation of one teaspoon of tea per cup of water.

For my filter method, I used a T-Sac in the smallest size (Size 1).

Vendor Provided Sample: No 

Affiliate Links: No

This is “a girl with tea” signing off once again.

Remember to live, laugh, love and drink plenty of tea.


Photo Credit: A Girl With Tea

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