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Black Tea Review: The NecessiTeas Cafe Latte

Cafe Latte

Company/Brand Name: The NecessiTeas

Name: Cafe Latte

Category: Black Tea/Coffee Blend

Form: Loose Leaf

Origin of the Leaf: Unknown

The Leaves: Twisted black tea leaves with noticeable whole coffee beans and chunks of cocoa beans

Additions: Barley, Coffee Beans, Chicory, Cocoa Beans and Natural Flavors

Flavor: A medium-bodied tea that tastes like java with a hint of sweetness and cocoa flavor

Overall: I love the smell and taste of coffee, but coffee and I don’t get along. As a result, I’ve avoided coffee for years. Until now.

This interesting blend of black loose tea and coffee beans allowed me to enjoy the robust taste of java without the jittery side effects. Plus, the touch of cocoa really rounds out the cup nicely. I would definitely purchase this tea and coffee blend again.

Tea Review:

When I opened the sample package, the first fragrance to hit my senses was the uplifting smell of coffee. Then, I took another whiff and I noticed a sweet aroma, similar to fine tobacco leaves with notes of chocolate. I was definitely intrigued!

As the tea steeped, a sweet-smelling, java-like aroma encircled my teapot tantalizing me to take that first sip.

When I finally poured my steamy brew into a cup and took a drink of the Cafe Latte, I was surprised to find that my tea tasted like coffee. The coffee beans seemed to add just the right amount of java flavor to give my teacup an extra-special zing.

I also discovered a sweet, cocoa note that was malty tasting like Whopper’s Malted Milk Ball candy or instant malted chocolate milk. To bring it all together, there is a slight creamy mouth-feel that makes this tea blend live up to its name.

As I was mindfully drinking my tea in solitude and trying to grasp all the taste sensations I was experiencing, something interesting happened. I had a ghost taste memory. All of a sudden Bailey’s Irish Cream came to mind. But, I wasn’t sure why.

I couldn’t seem to remember ever having consumed Bailey’s Irish Cream. Perhaps, I had smelled Bailey’s in coffee at some point, or had a sip of an “adult drink” during my formative years. Wherever that recognition memory came from, it stuck with me for the rest of my tea session, which made for an intoxicating experience!

Once I reached the last drop of Cafe Latte, I found a lingering aftertaste that was a mixture of java and cocoa with just a touch of tanginess. This final moment reminded me of my premium coffee drinking days.

After my first cup, I indulged in several more before depleting my Cafe Latte sample. I was disappointed it was gone, yet comforted by the fact that I could always order more.

The NecessiTeas Cafe Latte Packaging


I had ordered a sample size of the Cafe Latte from The NecessiTeas, which came in a thick, silver bag with foil-lining and a clear-plastic cover.

The front of the sample package included a sticker that listed the name of the tea, content ingredients, tea preparation instructions and the vendor’s web address.

Preparation Tips:

On The NecessiTeas loose tea sample package it recommended using one and a half teaspoons of tea with eight-ounces of boiling water. The suggested steeping time was 4 minutes. I followed these guidelines, except that I used my mini-glass teapot, which only holds about six-ounces of water.

In addition, I only used filtered water to brew the Cafe Latte because I didn’t want to run the risk of ruining the taste. I only had a small sample to experiment with, so I repeated the instructions above and didn’t vary from them. Although, I did allow my tea to steep to almost 5 minutes a couple of times.

Additional Notes:

Dessert Tea – I enjoyed drinking this tea after a meal to satiate my craving for some sugary treat. I think this tea and coffee blend would be delicious chilled and mixed with milk, but I didn’t have any milk in the house to give it a try. Maybe next time!

I Want This Tea!

If you’d like to purchase this tea just click the link below, it will take you directly to The NecessiTeas web page. Enjoy!

The NecessiTeas

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Photo Credits: A Girl With Tea

This is “a girl with tea” signing off once again.

Remember to live, laugh, love and drink plenty of tea.