A Trip to Teavana at the Mall of America

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It was a beautiful fall day to take a trip to Bloomington, Minnesota for a little shopping adventure at the Mall of America (MOA).

Finding Teavana at the Mall of America

Upon arriving at MOA it was quite the feat to find Teavana, after consulting several kiosks and walking for what seemed like forever, I finally found my way to the west side of the mall. As I got closer to my destination, I saw an inviting, warm-glow emanating from the Teavana store front that quickened my pace in anticipation. Just before reaching Teavana a wonderful scent captivated my senses and enticed me to come inside.

Entering Teavana is like taking a step into tea heaven. The décor is natural-chic with warm-earth tones. And a soft, sweet fragrance of tea fills the air, perhaps from the variety of brewed teas lying about ready to sample, and did I sample! Yum!

Turning my attention to the stylish and Asian inspired teaware, I made a mental-note on what I liked and planned to purchase at a later date. Today, I was here to buy tea.

Tea Tins or Sampler Bags?

As I approached the counter, I saw a wall filled with huge round tea canisters that were all color coded. Upon closer inspection, each canister was marked with the tea name and cost per two ounces.

After assisting other customers, the friendly Teavana guy came over and I inquired about purchasing some sample sizes.

Tea Tins from Teavana

He said that he could certainly hook me up with some sampler bags of tea, but encouraged me to buy tea tins instead, stating that the tea canisters would help the tea stay fresh for up to a year.

He also shared with me that the sampler tea bags tended to not keep the tea fresh for very long, about two weeks to be exact.

This wouldn’t have been a concern, except that I had just purchased about thirty sampler bags of tea online the previous week.

Plus, I had been admiring the exquisite tea tins located throughout the store just moments ago. I thought to myself that this could be the perfect opportunity to indulge a wee bit.

Once I had chosen my favorite four Washi Tea Tins, the fun really began. I got to decide which tea would fill each of them.

Picking the Perfect Tea

The Teavana guy asked me a few questions, then swiftly went and picked out a large tea tin labeled Gyokuro Imperial. I saw the cost per two ounces was $15.00. Yowza! But, once he opened the lid and I saw that bright, fresh green color and took a deep breath, I knew it was worth every penny.

Next, I decided I wanted a black tea. He first introduced me to Golden Monkey which looked amazing with all the golden tips. It also smelled like chocolate when he fanned the tin lid over the tea towards me. But, for $18.50 per two ounces, I decided to try a less expensive black tea, especially since I had just splurged on the green tea.

Next, he pulled a black tea from the shelf called Copper Knot Hongcha. This tea didn’t smell as chocolaty as the Golden Monkey; actually, the smell was quite subtle overall. Nonetheless, I was intrigued by the dark and light brown leaves that were rolled into tight little balls. For only $9.80 per two ounces, we had a winner.

Then I decided to go for a dessert tea. The Teavana guy pulled down something called Zingiber Ginger Coconut. He took off the tin lid and swooshed it over the tea, so we could both get a good whiff. Between the sweet, intoxicating smell and exquisite display of curled coconut and red rooibos, I was spellbound. I had to try some and for $6.00 per 2 ounces I thought it was a no-brainer.

Finally, I thought I would go for one more dessert tea. Without a moment of hesitation the Teavana guy pulled down two tea canisters: White Ayurvedic Chai and My Morning Mate.

The smell was amazing as he waved the two canister lids, back and forth over both tea blends. It was like stepping into some exotic candy store; where sweet and spicy intermingle creating a scent that tickles the soul.

The Mate tea was $6.80 per two ounces and the Chai was $10.00 per two ounces. I didn’t even have to think about it, before deciding on my final purchase.

The total came to a whopping $114.00 bucks, but I felt like I had gotten my money’s worth. Not only was I leaving with four beautiful tea tins, I also had some amazing tea to sip all winter.

As I left the store I thought to myself, “Wow, that was a lot of fun!”

Buy Teavana Tea Online

Just in case you don’t have access to a nearby Teavana store, you can always purchase their tea online. If you’re interested to see Teavana’s online tea selection just click on the link below. Enjoy!


Note: Teavana offers free ground shipping on orders over $50.

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This is “a girl with tea” signing off once again.

Remember to live, laugh, love and drink plenty of tea.

Have you ever visited a Teavana store? What was your experience like?

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