Experimenting with Guided Meditations

Meditating Stones

DAY 23 of Tea and Meditation:

Yesterday, I had written about some guided meditations I had discovered on The Chopra Center online library. I thought I’d try one out today for my tea and meditation time.

I decided to try the “Awaken Your Creativity” guided meditation. However, the link actually took me to a guided meditation for “How to Get What You Really Want.” After getting over my momentary disappointment, I settled in and gave this particular audio my full attention.

How to Get What You Really Want Guided Meditation:

The audio is a brief fifteen minutes and starts with a body scan, or passive muscle relaxation (does not involve tensing the muscle as required in the progressive muscle relaxation technique).

By the time the body scan is complete, I’m feeling superbly relaxed. I am then gently guided to feel the flow of energy all around and within me. This creates a subtle awareness of being connected with something larger than myself.

This is when the audio directs me to ask, “What do I really want?” However, there is not enough silence for me to listen for the answer. The guide fills the silence by giving several examples of things that we might want to ask for, which I personally found a bit distracting.

The audio then encourages me to choose one action I can implement today. But once again, the lack of silence impedes my ability to find the answer from within. Next, I am told to let go of any attachment I might have to the outcome.

At this point I notice the statement, “ …move in the direction of creation.” I wondered if this was why the link was called: Awaken Your Creativity. Perhaps this particular phrase was used to refer to the idea that we can create whatever we desire when we are in alignment with the field of pure potentiality.

That sounds really cool, but I’ll be honest, I’m not a true believer.

Struggling to Believe:

I really, really want to believe that anything is possible and that I can create whatever I want for my life. On some level I do believe this to be true, but then there is a part of me that says this is all a bunch of feel-good malarkey to help me feel a little better about my current circumstances.

Although, the alternative—to feel crappy about my life—isn’t exactly appealing, so I guess I’ll try a little harder to trust that the Universe wants for me, what I want for myself.

Now, if I can just figure what I really want…

Despite the lack of silent pauses in the audio, I think I’ll be listening to this guided meditation several more times. Maybe someday I’ll even be a true believer. For now, I am happy with just experiencing a little more alert peacefulness in my day.

This is “a girl with tea” signing off once again.

Remember to live, laugh, love and drink plenty of tea.


Photo Credit:  tiseb – via Flickr CC Attribution License

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