Learning to Meditate: Not As Easy As it Looks

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DAY 15 of Tea and Meditation:

As I sit here listening to some relaxing music, sipping a cup of tea, and reflecting on my alert peacefulness journey, I realize something.  I know absolutely nothing about meditation, other than my own unsophisticated attempts to sit quietly over a cup of tea.

I’ve never studied under some spiritual guru, read a book, listened to a CD, or even watched a video about meditation.

Nope, I had naively set out on my tea and meditation quest without any information on what it truly means to meditate. I figured that I knew enough to at least get started.

I just have to sit here quietly and try to think about nothing, right? I mean, how hard can that be?

Perhaps I was wrong…

Meditation and Learning to Drive:

Considering my struggle with trying to find a state of alert peacefulness during meditation, I’ve come to understand that learning to meditate is kind of like trying to drive a car for the first time.

When we set our minds to getting behind the wheel, we tend to make the assumption that driving is easy. Over the years, as we watched people cruise down the road in their freedom-mobiles, we thought to ourselves: “Well, that looks pretty easy, I can do that!”

What we don’t realize is that driving a car requires a bit of practice in order for it to look easy.

I remember my first time behind the wheel after taking a drivers education course. I was petrified and I found out rather quickly that driving was not as easy as it looked.

In fact, I think I horrified the instructor when I headed straight for a light pole and was fumbling about trying to figure out what pedal to stomp on to stop the car. Luckily, he had his own set of pedals for emergency sitations such as this. He made me sit in the backseat after that.

I guess sometimes, you’ve got to have a near mishap before you realize you need a few more driving lessons.

Luckily, there isn’t any bodily harm associated with meditating…well, that I can think of anyway.

Although, I suppose you could accidently spill hot tea on yourself. Your legs could fall asleep making you fall over when trying to get up. You could burn up in a fire because you lit a candle to close to the drapes…

Sorry, I let my imagination run wild there for a moment. Where was I? Ah, yes. I was talking about knowing nothing about how to meditate.

Beginner’s Mind:

Being the intelligent creature that I am, I like to learn about things. So, I’ve decided to spend a little time each day not only meditating over tea, but also learning about meditation. I want to approach the process with a beginner’s mind and be totally open to absorbing all that I can.

Hopefully, by reading up on meditation, I’ll have a more enjoyable experience and won’t sit there listening to my monkey brain prattle on and on and on.

So, that’s the plan.

In my coming posts, I’ll share what I am learning about meditation as well as my own personal experience trying to find alert peacefulness in a cup of tea.

This is “a girl with tea” signing off once again.

Remember to live, laugh, love and drink plenty of tea.


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