Exploring Alert Peacefulness One Day At A Time

Tea Being Poured

DAY 1 of Tea and Meditation:

I’ve often thought that someday I’d like to live a more natural and holistic lifestyle.

Someday when I had enough money in the bank…

Someday when I didn’t feel so stressed…

Someday when I had more time and energy…

Someday when I could maintain a regular schedule…

Someday when I felt deeply motivated from within…

I have to admit that I’ve been quite fortunate, for there have been several times in my life when all the above came into alignment and I was able to focus on living the lifestyle that I desperately craved.

However, these blissful times where short-lived because something would inevitably happen to throw my perfect little world into a tailspin, such as an unexpected bill, lay-off, sick cat, fender-bender or computer crash.

Once the worry, panic and fear subsided and the world seemed right again, I’d find myself back to square one, right were I had started, with little or no motivation to start all over again.

If I had cut out sugar, I began eating it again. If I started doing yoga each day, I stopped. If I had lost five pounds, I gained it back. And so on and so forth.

This pattern is pretty much my life in a nutshell, always trying to improve, yet never mastering the art of maintaining a joyful state of serenity and focus. A way of being that has kept me from living a more purposeful life.

This is where tea comes in to play; it is the one healthy habit I’ve never quit.

Expanding Upon Micro-Moments:

I’ve been drinking tea, both hot and iced, for years now and in those micro-moments of taking a sip and being completely present I’ve experienced what can be best described as alert peacefulness.

It’s a state-of-being I wish to expand into all areas of my life, even when…

I need to pay an unexpected medical bill.

I’m told that my services are no longer required.

The cat pukes on my bed.

Someone rear-ends my car.

My computer crashes and I lose a day’s worth of work.

Even when a mini-crisis shakes up my life, I want to be able to go to that place of alert peacefulness, without my monkey brain taking over and running the show.

I want to deal with problems straight on and let my emotions serve a better purpose than plundering my tranquility.

By choosing to live in a state of alert peacefulness, I believe that I can be in the world more intentionally and live a holistic lifestyle, unfettered by daily distractions.

This brings me back to those micro-moments, when I am sipping my tea and being totally in the moment.

If I can take that moment and expand it into minutes, hours and eventually days, I will be living the life I want to live.

It is simply a matter of deciding that someday is today.

Taking the First Step:

Of course, living in a state of alert peacefulness is easier said than done. That is why I want to start small.

This week, my plan is to take five minutes each day and simply enjoy my tea without distraction—no computer work, no reading, no TV and no thinking—just me, my tea and the moment.

My hope is that by taking this time each day, I will start to develop my alert peacefulness “muscle.” As I become more acquainted with this state of being, I hope to be able to recapture the feeling at other times of the day until it becomes second nature to live with more ease.

This is “a girl with tea” signing off once again.

Remember to live, laugh, love and drink plenty of tea.


Photo Credit: Like The Grand Canyon – via Flickr CC Attribution License

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