Week Two of Yoga Month: Recovering from Failure (and Mildred)

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The second week of Yoga Month flew by really quickly, too fast in fact, because I only got in two days of my beginner yoga practice. My original plan was to do five days.

I find myself sitting down to write this update and wishing I had made some different decisions over the last seven days, but I can’t go back in time.

Since I don’t have a time machine, I guess all I can do at this point is look back over the last seven days, reflect on what went wrong, learn from my mistakes, and update my yoga plan.

A Week in Review: Mildred Takes Over

During Week One I had completed six days of yoga and ended the week on a high note. I was feeling pretty proud of myself!

Then as Week Two started, a voice in my head told me that I should be doing more yoga. I’ll call this voice Mildred.

Mildred, the perfectionist side of me, started whispering in my ear that I wasn’t doing good enough. She told me that I really should be doing at least twenty minutes of yoga every day because I had been so successful my first week.

The more I listened to Mildred, the more I procrastinated. I found lots of excuses to not practice yoga.

Before I knew it, four days had past and I started feeling really deflated. I knew I had failed to achieve my goal of doing ten minutes of yoga five times per week.

I felt like a big loser.

Looking Deeper and Giving Mildred the Boot:

One thing I’ve known about myself, but seem to keep repeating, is that I always start off strong. Then, I falter once a little success is achieved.

However, I’ve never really explored why I do this…

I’m thinking that it’s all about fear, fear of leaving my comfort zone—that small little world I’ve built for myself to protect me from hurt and pain. And that’s what the perfectionistic Mildred is there for, to keep me from venturing outside the glass box.

Luckily, on day five, after some self-reflection, I was able to give Mildred the boot. Of course, she did drop-in unexpectedly once in a while during the rest of the week, but I swiftly told her that she wasn’t welcome any longer.

Renewed Energy for My Updated Yoga Plan:

After having two successful days of beginner yoga practice, my energy and determination were renewed.

I’m glad I took the time to examine what went wrong, so I could move forward again.

In fact, by re-focusing on my original goal—to practice yoga for just ten minutes—I found myself exceeding my own expectations. Not because Mildred was there to berate me, but because I was having fun.

My plan is to re-commit to my original goal of doing yoga five times per week for ten minutes. And if Mildred rings my doorbell again, I’ll tell her I don’t accept solicitations!

Here’s to another week of yoga!

Oh, and my apologies if your name is Mildred!

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This is “a girl with tea” signing off once again.

Remember to live, laugh, love and drink plenty of tea.



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  1. DameEdithDivine November 25, 2011 8:39 PM

    I love your hat! I send you love and best wishes for success in Yoga. It has the power to change your life for the better. Take care, my friend, Namaste!

    • A Girl With Tea December 1, 2011 11:22 AM

      Yea, I love the hat too! Thanks for your good wishes 🙂

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