Yoga Month: Getting Started with Yoga

Yoga Month Starts Today:

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It’s September 1, 2011 and that means National Yoga Month has officially started!

According to Yoga Month the Department of Health & Human Services designated September as National Yoga Month to build awareness of yoga’s health benefits and to inspire people to take responsibility for their own well-being.

Well, I’m inspired!

Making Yoga Part of My Life:

I’ve been thinking about making yoga part of my life for some time now, but I just never made it a priority.

Today, I decided to change that.

My goal is to practice ten-minutes of yoga 5 out of 7 days each week in the month of September. I hope to build a solid yoga routine by the end of the month that I can use year-round.

Choosing to Practice at Home:

In the past, I’ve taken a yoga class here and there, either in a gym or studio setting. Overall, I did enjoy the sessions, but for one reason or another I never returned.

Looking back, I recall one of the reasons why I failed to return was because I found it inconvenient to get to a class.

Usually my schedule didn’t mesh well with the yoga studio’s class times. Not to mention, during the winter months, I couldn’t be pried out of my toasty, warm house for all the tea in China. The same holds true even today.

Another reason why I found myself not returning to yoga class was because I felt a bit out-of-place. Being a newbie, I found the poses too advanced for my out-of-shape body.

As I struggled to find and attempt to maintain each pose, others around me moved gracefully and flowed from one movement to the next. I felt like a prickly weed in a flower garden.

Lastly, I’ve chosen to practice yoga at home because I’m an introvert. Yep, I’ll readily admit that I like being alone, but not in a weird grow-my-armpit-hair-out-sort-of-way. I just like time to think, it re-energizes me.

Actually, learning yoga at home will allow me to spend plenty of time with each pose and really get to learn it inside and out; whereas, in a class setting, I tend to forget the poses as soon as I get home.

Yoga Videos for Beginners:

After concluding that I would begin my yoga training at home, I went online and looked for beginner yoga videos. I found a series on YouTube that I really like. It’s called Basic Yoga Workout for Dummies. Perfect!

I previewed the first 10-minute video which covers deep-breathing, the Cat Pose and the Mountain Pose. The video was super easy to follow and even included modified poses. So, I searched for the rest of the series and added them to my A Girl With Tea YouTube Channel.

Now, I have all six Basic Yoga videos in sequence. Easy Peasy!

Tomorrow, I plan to do the next video in the series and then continue to do one video per day.

Get a Free Week of Yoga Classes:

If you happen to be an extrovert and would prefer to actually attend a class, rather than watch online videos, be sure to check out Yoga Month’s Yoga Studio Finder to find a local yoga studio offering a free week of yoga.


I’m excited to start my yoga practice, finally, after many years of thinking about it!

If you’ve been considering trying yoga yourself and have never gotten off of the fence, maybe Yoga Month is your call to action?

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This is “a girl with tea” signing off once again.

Remember to live, laugh, love and drink plenty of tea.