Black Tea Review: Trader Joe’s Vanilla & Cinnamon

Trader Joe's Vanilla & Cinnamon

Company/Brand Name: Trader Joe’s

Name: Vanilla & Cinnamon Black Tea

Category: Black Tea, Flavored (Seasonal)

Form: Tea Bag (Paper)

Origin of the Leaf: Unknown

The Leaves: Not applicable because the leaves are finely ground and hidden inside the typical tea bag exterior

Additions: Vanilla, Natural Flavors, Cinnamon

Flavor: The cinnamon and vanilla flavors are a bit muddy tasting, yet they still work well together

Overall: I’m a sucker for any vanilla and cinnamon tea combination, even if the brew is a bit weak!

Tea Review:

When I first purchased this tea, I was wondering if it would taste similar to one of my favorite holiday teas, which is Celestial Seasonings Nutcracker Sweet. They both have exactly the same ingredients: vanilla, “other natural flavors” and cinnamon.

As soon as I got home and opened the wax seal, I knew that I had been correct in my assumption.

While allowing the tea to steep, the resulting fragrance pales in comparison to the Nutcracker Sweet’s inviting aroma.

I had a similar experience with the taste. The flavor is suggestive of vanilla and cinnamon, but it makes for a rather weak brew. Although, I found I could compensate for this by simply using less water.

At times, I got a little bit of a paper-y taste. Overall, the flavors were rather muddied; not clean and crisp tasting. It was difficult to distinguish the vanilla and cinnamon individually, but the combination somehow works out to make a sweet tasting holiday treat.

In conclusion, the Trader Joe’s brand just didn’t have that extra oomph of the Nutcracker Sweet, but would do in a pinch.


This holiday tea came in a rectangular cardboard box. The tea bags are square in shape and layered in twos on top of each other in a wax-lined paper seal. Because two tea bags are connected, you’ve got to tear them apart to use just one.

Trader Joes Vanilla and Cinnamon

Preparation Tips:

Per usual, I simply followed the directions printed on the box: “Pour boiling water directly over tea bag in a cup and let steep for 3 to 5 minutes. Remove tea bag.”  Since no instructions were given regarding the amount of water to use, I went with the general guideline of 8-ounces. However, I would recommend 6-ounces to obtain a better flavor.

One thing I did find out accidentally, is that this tea can steep for quite a while without getting bitter.

Additional Notes:

Dessert Tea – I would classify this as a dessert tea, because it does taste sweet due to the vanilla and cinnamon combination.

Holiday Tea – For some reason the warms notes of vanilla and cinnamon seem to be well suited for the holidays.

I Want This Tea!

If you’d like to purchase this tea, you’ll have to live near a Trader Joes (because it isn’t available online) and wait until the holidays when it will be in stock again 🙂

Vendor Provided Sample: No

Affiliate Links: No

Photo Credit:  A Girl With Tea 

This is “a girl with tea” signing off once again.

Remember to live, laugh, love and drink plenty of tea.

5 comments on “Black Tea Review: Trader Joe’s Vanilla & Cinnamon

  1. Sosesm October 17, 2012 1:43 AM

    OMG I fell in love with this tea last year. I bought it randomly. Then sadly I returned weeks later (holiday season was over) to find out it was a seasonal tea. Luckily I surfed the web and found the Celestial brand and I bought TEN boxes. Just finished the last bag yesterday and I’m in withdrawal.
    I am contemplating whether to re-order online OR just wait a few weeks until both styles are back on the shelves. This time I am buying TWENTY boxes of each brand. lol. I need a year’s supply.

  2. Ruby Grad March 9, 2012 2:25 PM

    I also really like this tea, especially with a bit of soymilk and a bit of honey. And it is available on-line if you’re willing to pay a somewhat outrageous price. Amazon has it for $10, which is 50 cents per bag!

  3. Mary Beth February 12, 2012 8:23 PM

    Please carry it online. The public wants it. Why wouldn’t you welcome the business!?

  4. tova January 18, 2011 7:56 PM

    I disagree from the first cup I was delighted with the flavor. This was my first purchase and I went to Traders last week end to purchase more..They were sold out and I was informed the tea was seasonal. Next season I will purchase several boxes,

    • a girl with tea January 19, 2011 12:00 AM

      Thank you for your comment and bringing another perspective regarding this holiday tea. I would imagine this is a top selling tea for Trader Joe’s. I wish I had personally liked it more because it’s a great price!

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